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Occasional (April 2013)

April 2013

As we welcome a colorful change of season, we are beginning to see a host of changes in our community from an influx of new residents to new businesses! The focus this year is on our community through a variety of social activities, projects, and security. Now that we are in the midpoint of the 2012/2013 fiscal year, this is a good time to recap the progress the SAHD committees have made in support of our goals.

Through the efforts of the SAHD Social Committee, the district has partnered with Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense for a neighborhood workshop, hosted a neighborhood happy hour at Stoneyʼs Wine Bar, and had record attendance at the annual holiday party. The SAHD Childrenʼs Committee has hosted Halloween, and Christmas events for the neighborhood children as well as the annual Easter Egg hunt.

In addition to the social activities in the district, the SAHD Beautification Committee has been involved in negotiations with the city for ongoing maintenance in the median, straightening street signs, and replacing/repainting light posts. The district is also actively working to refurbish the gates at Swiss and Fitzhugh including: a new green barrel tile roof, repaired woodwork, and new light fixtures.

The SAHD Website Committee is actively working on the launch of a newly designed website which will feature not only public facing pages, but a host of resident only features. The website will provide a portal for more effective communication as well as provide each resident the ability to maintain their profile which will be used to create a real time directory where users can search for neighbors by name, address, and even phone number.

The SAHD Home Tour Committee has been in full force planning the 40th Annual Home Tour. The committee has done an excellent job putting together a full weekend of events including: a childrenʼs area, entertainment, art exhibit, exotic car exhibit, and guided motor coaches. This year the tour will feature 7 homes in the district as well as St. Matthew's Cathedral, and the weekend will be kicked off by a “Dallas” themed pre-party.

The SAHD Outreach Committee has been hard at work as well, reviewing a number of requests. The committee has organized the donation of a bounty of books, clothes, diapers and other items to Family Outreach Dallas. In addition the committee has recommended, and the membership has approved, funds to support local schools and the Lakewood Library, and the district has provided Easter baskets to the Disciples of Holy Trinity (DOT).

Making sure that the residents in the district are safe is an important aspect of community, and the SAHD Alliance Against Crime Committee (AACC) is actively working with the off duty ENP officers. The AACC has increased patrol coverage, targeting 70 hours of patrols each month. Along with increasing the number of hours the district is patrolled, the officers have extended the coverage area to include Gaston and are also focusing on the alleys. The committee will continue to look at programs and patrol schedules to provide increased safety to the residents of the district.

The SAHD Planning and Zoning Committee is also doing their part to protect our community. This committee is integral in working with developers, lot owners, and the city to make sure that the best interests of the district, and the East Dallas Community as a whole, are represented. The committee has been working alongside representatives from other neighborhood associations to not only look at zoning issues, but work on a strategy for long term revitalization.

If not for the countless volunteers who have given their time this year, the district would not be able to achieve so many successes! As we move into the second half of the year, I am dedicated to maintain the momentum and continue to garner participation of the residents in the district. My hope is that each of you will celebrate the successes and become more involved!

Brenden Martin

President, SAHDA